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Confectionary products

Family is one of the universal human values. Family and close friends will always support and take care of you and sincerely rejoice at your success. It is with them that we love to spend our time, get together at a big dinner table or an evening tea party. And what is the dinner table without sweets?

Confectionery products of the brand «Kuhmaster» are not only delicious and melting in your mouth biscuits. They are a "time machine" that takes adults into carefree childhood! In the midst of a busy fuss or a long school day, at home, on a trip and away, on holidays and on weekdays - we are always with you! «Kuhmaster» gives pleasure to all lovers of sweet - big and small, schoolchildren and students, workers and directors, pensioners and housewives! In the large range of our products, one will surely find a favourite taste!

«Oatcakes», «Tartlets», «Kurabie», «Baked milk» are traditionally popular names of biscuits that our customers have already appreciated for a long time.

Biscuits «Americano», «Coconut», «Golden symphony», «Almond oatcakes» and «Raisin oatcakes» produced according to the original recipe developed by the technologists of the company «Kuhmaster» have also increased greatly the number of admirers of our biscuits!

Then, «Kremali» with a variety of fillings is a hit of sales among the younger generation!

Why do our products remain so popular for many years?

We strongly believe that this is because for us, as for producers of biscuits, the most important thing is the quality and, for sure, the maximum variety of tastes!

- In the production of biscuits we use only natural ingredients and food additives. We do not save money on ingredients, because it will affect the appearance, and most importantly - the taste of our products!

- In 2011 the production lines were fully automated. Robots replaced people, thus significantly improving the accuracy of product and packaging quality control, as well as eliminating to a large extent risks related to the "human factor". However, we don’t stop at what we have already achieved, thus constantly introducing new technologies and upgrading equipment.

- Expansion of the assortment on the base of marketing research. We regularly conduct analysis of the market and identify trends in consumer preferences for taste, texture and packaging. As a result of these studies, new delicious products are created in the laboratories of «Kuhmaster»! For example, in 2017 a new range of biscuits «For breakfast» will be launched, which will include both traditional and original hard dough biscuits.

- In 2017 the company's products underwent an independent examination by the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in the Samara Region, which resulted in issuing the Declaration of compliance of our products with GOST (which entered into force in 2016). This once again has confirmed the high quality of «Kuhmaster» products!

But, above all, the key factor of our success is that we know all about biscuits and we love what we do!


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