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Press room

«Kuhmaster» is a team of professionals. Highly-skilled specialists who are dedicated to their profession work here. We put our heart and souls in everything we do. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that all the products of «Kuhmaster» are so tasty!
We not only make excellent food products, but we are always ready to tell you how they are produced, why they are so tasty and useful for your health and where you can buy them.
Long-term strategy for brand promotion and consumer information includes the use of both traditional advertising media (print media, TV, radio, outdoor advertising) and digital technologies in combination with “event”-technology as well.
All this allows us to increase demand for our products and maintain a steady interest of customers in «Kuhmaster» brand.
We try to provide the maximum of advertising support to our distributors, and we are always open for cooperation.




Corporate film


Watching on TV

«Control purchase» Sauce Tkemali on July 28, 2017  
«Quality checked» Tomato paste 3 Dec 2015

Cooking with «Kuhmaster»

Excellent meat pie from a pita. No problems with the test  
Recipe pkhali. Georgian spicy snack based on nuts
Pizza calzone.


Ketchup «Kuhmaster» natural tomatoes. 20 sec 
Ketchup «Kuhmaster» 15 sec.
Sauce «Kuhmaster» 
Biscuits «Americano»
Mustard «Kuhmaster»
Biscuits «Kurabie»
Sauces «Kuhmaster» 
Hard dough biscuits «Kuhmaster»
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