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Tomato products

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Ketchup "Gourmet"

Perfect for your favorite dishes.

Ketchup "Mexican"

The pungent taste of hot pepper and spices will add a Latin American flavor to dishes.

Tomato paste

Made from fresh tomatoes grown on the fields of “Kuhmaster” in the Volgograd region.

Ketchup "Chili"

This hot, full of spices sauce will make your favorite dishes extremely appetizing.

Ketchup "Tomato"

Made from fresh tomatoes according to a classic recipe.

Ketchup "Georgian Spicy"

Khmeli-suneli is a traditional seasoning of Caucasian cuisine which enhance a tomato sauce with a spicy flavor.

Ketchup "Lecho"

Bell pepper and fresh tomatoes are an excellent combination not only when making salad, but also when you make a sauce!

Ketchup "Spaghetti"

Traditional ketchup made from fresh tomatoes, with the addition of fried onions and spices.

Ketchup “Kebab”

Fresh taste of tomatoes and savory flavor of spices – a perfect combination for ketchup.

Tomato paste

New! Pasta with fresh ripe tomatoes now in a new convenient package.

Кетчуп "Чили"

Острый, насыщенный специями соус делает любимые блюда особенно аппетитными.

Ketchup “Kebab”

The combination of fresh tomatoes, hot garlic and dill - a classic recipe for real lovers of hot sauces.

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