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Sauce "Krasnodarski"

Fresh tomatoes, apple puree and carrot give sour-sweet taste, garlic adds sharpness, and parsley - a savory aroma.

Adjika "Caucasian"

Hot, spicy, with a delicate hint of caramelized sugar, genuine “essence” of the Caucasian cuisine!

Adjika "Hot"

Burning hot, with an exquisite flavor of khmeli-suneli herbs and the scent of fresh dill and parsley, adjika is for daring food lovers.

Adjika "Royal"

Hot and spicy seasoning with marjoram, the literal translation of which from Arabic sounds as "incomparable", burning-hot, with a light taste of caramelized sugar and fresh herbs, this is really a royal adjika!


Made from ripe tomatoes grown on the fields of "Kuhmaster" in the Volgograd region. Fresh tomato pulp concentrated to a dense tomato sauce - a classic of Italian cuisine!

Spread from roasted zucchini

The most delicate spread of zucchini, carrot and onion fried with sunflower oil mixed with pimento and fresh herbs is an excellent addition to your table at any time of the year!

Horseradish with beet

Classic burning taste of horseradish, softened by sweetness of beet - a piquant mix for lovers of "Russian" spices!

Classic horseradish

Classic condiment with a sharp, burning, "fierce" taste has long been the essence of Russian cuisine.

Hard dough biscuits “Petit Beurre”

Delicate, crisp biscuits with a light vanilla taste, not too sweet and perfect as a treat for the festive table, and as a light everyday "snack".

Hard-dough biscuits "Petit Beurre" with chocolate

Tender, crispy, with a delicious chocolate-vanilla flavor, it will be a wonderful treat for a festive table and is perfect as a light "snack" during working day.

Biscuits "Kurabie"

Delicate, with a delightful apricot aroma and a drop of jam, just melt in your mouth, they are equally beautiful as with a cup of evening tea so with morning coffee.

Biscuits "Almond Oatcakes"

Soft, rich almond biscuits. Not too sweet, moderately crumbly, home-style tasty.

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